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To create a group of fabulously wealthy traders who will use their influence and money to make a better society for everyone...

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"The Trading DNA Series"

The Trading DNA manual has been carefully planned to give you an easy step by step learning curve.

"The harder I work, the luckier I get..."

The Fibonacci and Gann material complete each other incredibly well, leading you to create your own strategies and plans to trade and make money based on your own desires and expectations.

The following list is the Titles we have available to help you master these fabulous techniques:

Trading with the Gods:

This classic book reveals little known natural codes that stop and reverse market direction. Incredible in any market right up to the massive foreign exchange trading, these codes will give you a real advantage. You will be stunned by this book...


The Trading DNA manual:

This is the professionals toolkit of tricks, tips andThere is no better feeling than winning strategies that will initially leave you amazed. The opportunities opened up here are simply awesome.

You will learn, Time, Price, Patterns and many advanced signals that a lot of others don't know or understand...


Sections of the Trading DNA which can be purchased independently:

The Very Best guide to Bigger Profits:

Swing charts

A simple, mechanical method to make trades. You may have heard of or seen Gann's swing chart, but this material opens new doors. This is very easy to learn and in a very short time you will be competing in the markets and beating the pro's....


W.D.Gann's Square of 9:SQ9

Undoubtedly Gann's most mystifying trading tool, encompassing Time and Price in one tool. Many traders have tried and failed to master this tool, but with our video you will soon see its immense power in trading and forecasting potential turning points way into the future.



Equity Market Recap - 2019.10.23

U.S. stocks bounced into the close, ending at their best levels of the afternoon and erasing late day losses ahead of another night (and rest of the week) of several important earnings results including MSFT, EBAY, PYPL, TSLA, XLNX and Ford. Shares of Apple (AAPL) helped prop markets up initially (another record high today for the shares), along with gains in Boeing (BA) despite quarterly results missing estimates, while tech was led lower by chip maker TXN after weaker guidance (shares fell and dragged down semis – though TER good results help soften the blow). Dow component CAT reported a quarterly miss and lower guidance, sending shares lower initially before rebounding. Energy stocks got a boost after weekly inventory data came in with a larger drawdown (bullish), pushing oil prices up nearly 3% to its best levels in three-weeks. Healthcare stocks mixed with gains in BSX, ANTM, and TMO on earnings, while LLY shares fell. Markets await tomorrow’s central bank meeting in Europe (ECB) along with any conclusions to Brexit in the UK and then next week’s FOMC meeting. Treasury prices gain as yields slip and the dollar was little changed vs. most major currencies.


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