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W.D.Gann's Square of 9

Square of 9

In all of Gann's work, the Square of 9 rates as probably the most powerful indicator of market reversals and, incredibly enough, it all also can be a formidable forecasting tool for market reversals.

There are plenty of traders who have tried to master this tool, but this is surely one of Gann's greatest challenges to traders. Our video instructions on how to make the most of this tool will prove to you in no uncertain terms how powerful this tool really is, even in today's high paced electronic markets.

In the hands of an educated trader, this tool's value is immeasurable. It will provide potential dates and prices to start and finish trades, sometimes well into the future.

Let me give you just a small example of some of this tools application in markets:

Lets zoom to the very top of the symbol and we can see the date June 22 is highlighted as a specific date to watch in 2010:

Zoom SQ9

This tool is warning to watch this date for a major change of trend or volatility. Now look at the following chart of the S&P 500 for June 22:

S&P 500 June 22 2010


Many traders were fooled into buying the S&P 500 after a double bottom low in June then the minor top in May was broken and passed. Having been warned well in advance we knew from the Square of 9 that June 22 had a strong potential of a market reversal, and bang on cue the S&P reversed and fell 100 points from June 22!

In 2010, every date predicted by the Square of 9 for S&P traders proved to be a winning trade!!

The Square of 9 can be used on any market: Futures, Forex, Stocks, Bonds,... any liquid market can be traced using the Square of 9.

Now look at another trade we were able to see using the Square of 9 on a Foreign exchange market, the AUD against the USD:


With further research into the Square of 9 tool, we find that Gann discovered a much more accurate method of calculating Time. 

If you want to go to heaven you have to read the Bible. If you want to make big money on the markets, you have to research the best tools. The Square of 9 is Gann's best tool and now this is made easy to learn with video instructions that explain every step simply and easily.

I will do everything I can to make your learning experience worthwhile, the list of benefits is below:

Key Benefits:

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The purchase price for the Square of 9 is $695 AUD and can be downloaded immediately the payment is received!  



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